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(music) The following audio may contain the personal testimonials of some independent OPTAVIA Coaches or Clients of OPTAVIA. The results relayed in these messages are based on the unique experiences of the participants and we cannot guarantee you like or similar outcomes. While you may be inspired by these accounts, please note that any stories of success have not been verified and your individual path to healthy living and weight loss will vary. As always, it is our recommendation that you consult with a healthcare provider before starting a weight-loss program. In addition, this audio may contain income or earnings representations of some Independent OPTAVIA Coaches. OPTAVIA makes no guarantee of financial success. Successful OPTAVIA results from successful sales efforts, which requires hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and Leadership. Please see the OPTAVIA Income Disclosure Statement for statistics on actual earnings of Coaches under the U.Ss Compensation Plan, which differs from the International Compensation Plan. Yours in health, the OPTAVIA team. All right, well, welcome, OPTAVIA. My name is Susan LaBelle. I am an Independent Certified OPTAVIA Coach and I am so excited about our Community Time tonight. We are diving into Element 06 which is on Your Path to a Healthy Weight. I love the word path, path feels kind of broad, it’s not a tightrope of healthy weight, it doesn’t mean you there’s no allowance for misstep, but it’s what is the path that you get to create. And so I want to start with sharing a little bit of my story. So you can see the difference of these two pictures when I say, this is last weekend, so this is really as before and now as it gets y’all. (laughs) But I can remember, I really did think that, if I lost 35 pounds, my whole world would change. And in many ways it did, but I was very focused on weight loss being this destination, the kind of the final, right? Like I’m racing through at the end. But what I found a decade prior to that is every time I would hit that, right, the only thing I knew was old habits and behaviors and really what I felt like was like a dog chasing its tail, like I was in a very cyclical structure that wasn’t serving me. And what I was exposed to when I had a Coach in a Community and a structure and a system was I reached a healthy weight and then I was asked, “Well, what’s next?” And I was exposed to a new structure of, I could set new goals and I could actually create health and I felt like I was now on this ladder where I could set new goals and new goals. And over the course of the last decade, you don’t see the transformation of the healthy minds and the healthy emotions and the healthy relationships, but all that is reflected with that initial decision to create a healthier body and then just stay in structure, stay plugged into the Community and keep contending for my health. And so I wanna encourage you guys as we’re talking about reaching and maintaining a healthy weight that it is the most important gift you can give yourself. Right now, in the state of the world, when I think about it, it’s the most important thing you can do for you right now. It’s really an incredible gift you can give to the people that you love and the people around you, but it is the foundation of optimal health and wellbeing. Reaching a healthy weight, now, we all know maybe people that are at a healthy weight but not healthy, but being in a healthy weight is part of being healthy. You guys kind of get that? And so I want to ask you guys and please share in the chat, why is being healthy important to you? And I wrote down a few things that came to mind today ’cause I was just journaling that out. I got some time on my hands, like why is reaching a healthy weight important to me? I mean, first, I wanna live longer like I do, I want to be around my grandkids’ kids, that excites me. I want a quality of life, I want to be productive. I wanna lower my risk for disease. I don’t want to be on medications, I don’t have to be on. I wanna stay active and I added a new one today because in a world where anything could happen, me taking personal responsibility and being the dominant force in my life and creating health for me, like right now, I know I’m doing everything I can to lower my risk for what could happen. And I’m so, so, so grateful that I’ve had the tools and the system to create that. And so, why is reaching a healthy weight important to you? So here’s our agenda, we’re gonna go right into mindset which is like my love language here, understanding the difference between dieting versus creating a healthy weight. We’re gonna talk on the skillsets in this area, really using our body mass index and waist circumference to assess your current weight management phase. So we’re gonna go into that, and then we’re gonna get right into some action maybe because we wanna identify your current reality and structure your path to a healthy weight. So it’s gonna be a really exciting 30 minutes. We’re looking forward to it. But first, we wanna know who’s here. First of all, like you’re gonna see a little poll pop up. Everyone kind of see that, yeah? Pretty cool, right? We’re so fancy. But which answer best describes you? Are you A, an OPTAVIA Coach, B, an OPTAVIA Client, or C, a Guest? So please answer the poll it’ll stay up on your screen for the moment, but really, all are welcome, so welcome, and some of you are like, all of the above, right? So we’re excited that you’re here. And what we’re digging into tonight is your transformational system or Habits of Health Transformational System. It is Your LifeBook, it is your Habits of Health book and your Habits of Health App. And what I love right now is some of us have maybe said, “I just haven’t had time to do all that self-coaching. “I just haven’t had time to get into my LifeBook.” Y’all, I don’t know about you but we maybe there’s a good portion of as how little bit more time, a little bit more time to actually create and do something for ourselves, a little bit more time to journal, a little bit more time to be self-reflective, a little bit more time to dive into this area of our life. And so how exciting is that? All the tools are right in your hands. So let’s get into mindset. First of all, we don’t go on a diet, right? We change our habits and create a healthy lifestyle. Let’s talk about dieting. I mentioned that that was me for a decade and really when I think back, it was a very emotional response for me and for many it is. It’s like we’re looking to fix a problem, right? We’re getting, we’re trying to run from what we don’t want, and it was always like when I would start that diet would be because someone would say something or I would see a picture and I didn’t like what I saw or my favorite jeans didn’t fit and it would be like, “I’m starting tomorrow or I’m starting Monday.” So it was always in response to some emotion and I was running from something. And the problem with fixing a problem is when you fix a problem, you don’t create anything. Nothing gets created from fixing a problem. So there’s a fundamental shift with what we’re doing through our transformational system is not focusing on what you don’t want, but focusing on what you want, on what you want to create. It’s fundamentally a different structure to create long-term health and wellbeing. And so, when I think of the word, create, these where I looked it up today. Not that I didn’t know what it meant but I’m like, “What does it mean at its core?” And the first definition I came across was to bring into existence. I love that, like we’re creators. Did you know you’re a creator? Did you know you can create and bring into existence health for you? Be empowered by that, be empowered by that tonight that you can create a healthy lifestyle. The other definition that jumped out at me was to cause something to happen as a result of one’s actions. So, we can take action, right? We can create habits and behaviors and there will be results from that. And we can cause something to happen in our life, i.e. health, i.e. long-term, longevity and optimization. And so, shifting from this mentality of running from something to what I actually want to create in my life and being empowered with being a creator of a healthy lifestyle is that fundamental mindset shift that is kind of the core of this whole laying that foundation of really this path towards creating a healthy weight management and beyond. So, I would love to know and we’re gonna share the answers to this poll here shortly, but what do you say to people when they ask you what you’re doing? A, I’m dieting to lose weight, B, I’m doing OPTAVIA, or C, I have a Coach and I’m learning new habits to sustain long-term health. So as you guys are choosing between one of those three answers, please just answer the poll and no judgment, I love it. We’re like such a none, this is a no judgment Community. We just want you to feel seen and heard. And if you’re, feeling like, “Oh, how interesting I say that “and I wish I was saying that,” ’cause our words have so much power. How we think about what we’re doing really does matter, and so I’m hoping tonight, there’s a little bit of awareness and awakening in that area. So, I wanna introduce to you my friend, Marcus Cole, out in Dallas, Texas. He’s gonna share his mindset, transition shift in this area. It’s been, I don’t wanna steal his thunder, so I’m gonna let him come up and share his story. So, Marcus, are you there? I’m here, Susan. Hey, all right, I’ll let you take it away. All right, thanks for having me on. I’m actually in Houston now about a year ago but still in Texas, so we got to clean Texas. But thanks for having me on. What a great Element to talk about your path to the healthy weight. For everybody, my name is Marcus Cole. I’m a pilot by trade, 20 years in the military, and the last nine years as a commercial airline pilot. So, this Element has been really hit home with me just sharing a little bit of my story. So as a military guy or girl, twice a year, we are tasked with standards, health standards, so height, weight standards. And usually, that’s through BMI, through your body weight based on your height, all these charts and being a short guy, a little stocky, I was never, never past that chart. I never came up to standards, so what ended up happening was twice a year, we had these checks, and guess what? Twice a year, I went on a crash diet, and that was my mentality for many years in the military. It was three weeks ago, a month in, I got to lose 10, 15 pounds. And so I tried every diet out there, I’d lose the weight, I’d pass, I passed every one of them. So they work, diets work temporarily. So I pass those tests and then over the next few weeks, I put that weight right back on. And that was just a habit of dieting is what I actually created. And I thought it was okay with that. That was what the lifestyle was, a lot of guys and girls were doing it. And so what’s the next fad? And that’s where I was. And my wife found this wonderful program, OPTAVIA, and I’ve lost 40 pounds during the program and became a Coach, and I’ve kept it off. No more crash dieting, no more habits of dieting. So now, as Susan was pointing out, I’m actually creating what I want, I’m creating health. It’s no longer a destination stolen or twice a year to pass a test. It’s an everyday, every week process and there are setbacks, but I’ve built those healthy habits so far that when I do stray, I know how to come back to that healthy spot and I’m continuing to build on that. Few points here I wrote down, my energy’s up. I have more energy to play with my kids. My marriage has gotten better. There’s some of the goals that I’ve set, things I’ve never thought I would do before. I ran my first half marathon this past January and I used to hate running in the military just to be honest with you, something they made us do. Now I do it for fun, I go out, put on my music. So this program has been great for me, great for my family, and we love it and this is a, this Element has really spoke to me and my family and we love it. Awesome, thank you, Marcus. I’m gonna share my screen back but I love that because we’ve watched you make that transition to where it’s like and you kind of ask me that question. “Okay, what’s next? “What do we work on?” Now that weight loss isn’t the goal, (laughs) like learning to set new goals and what habits, behaviors structurally for you, your family, and what you wanna create. So congratulations about making that mindset shift for you and for the future generations that you are inspiring. So, I love that, absolutely. So, what is this path, right? Marcus and I both shared, we thought phase one was it, and then we go back into the red, right? And so let’s explore a little bit about what it looks like to go to phase two. There’s actually three phases beyond the weight loss phase, you guys, like right, mind blow. And what does it look like to be in phase two? And when do you know, right? Because for some of you, there’s a scary point there, you’ve maybe felt like, I don’t know. That’s what’s so beautiful is we’ve got the structure in the system for you to show how to go from phase two into optimization and into longevity, so let’s explore the ways that we can. Now, Marcus mentioned the BMI chart, and I already know, I already know some of you go on this thing. This chart, it judges me, you know what I mean? But here’s the thing, it’s simple, and it has been just a gold standard, and I want you to know it’s one way we can just, that there’s some scientific evidence that supports that you’re at lower risk for disease from this chart, that’s it, it’s just numbers. So please don’t hold yourself up to like some, we’re not asking you to be, look like supermodels and stuff. We’re just saying, “Hey, there’s some scientific evidence “to show that if we lower our BMI, “and we’re into a green healthier range, “we have a lower risk for disease.” We just agree, like that’s a simple way to look at it. So, and then the ones in orange are a little less risk than the red, green’s healthy and actually the blue I’m like, we address that more as we get into ultra health, like that’s being underweight and that’s on our path of creating optimizing and ultra health as well. And so being in a normal BMI, this is one area that can just lower risk for disease, okay? The other tool that we use just again, just to measure is our waist circumference because there’s, again, scientific evidence to show extra adipose tissue around our middle like the less we have can lower our risk for disease, okay? So, for men, and how we do that as we look right at our hip bones, we just take a tape measure and measure right right below at our belly button, and all the details are right in your Habits of Health if you want more specifics on how to do it. I have Clients who will say, “Hey I don’t have like a bendable tape measure.” Just take a piece of string that does bend, and then lay it up against your tape measure. Men want to be anything over 37 inches, and you wanna under 37 inches, women, 31.5. And all it is is, again, just an indicator of how much extra adipose tissue, we are keeping around our middle, okay? So that simple, there is a third component that I think can be really, really valuable as body fat composition. So as you’re moving towards optimization. And as you’re moving towards ultra health, looking at how much of your body, so this gets a little more specific and a little more individualized is lean mass and fat mass and being able to really start to design a program because our Habits of Health is designed to minimize muscle loss, of course, and to sustain lean mass as we reduce body fat and so you can start to optimize, knowing your body fat composition. so there are BodPods and there’s InBody scans, and there’s caliper tests and there’s a lot of resources out there that you can go explore that, and then work with your Coach on what that looks like as you’re moving through the phases of health, okay? So here we go back to the phases. So how you know if your BMI, you’re below that 25 and that your body fat for a male as 18, female 25 or less. Your waist circumference is right around that 37 and 31.5. Guys, you’re ready for phase two. You’re ready for phase two, and this is about moving into eating healthy for life, about moving into the other MacroHabits of Health and healthy eating and hydration, and then moving into phase three of optimizing for your age and your lifestyle where you’re adding healthy emotion and sleep and stress reduction and other Habits of Health to support your optimization, and then into phase four, as you explore things to create ultra health, and potentially live a longer, healthier life. How exciting is that? To think it’s not just about weight loss forever, it’s really about creating longevity and I’m not here to like guarantee you get a longer life out of this. I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I can say if we make better choices, right, we can create maybe a lower risk and potentially a higher probability that we can live a longer life in a healthier state. That’s about as vague as I can make it but it’s like, “Hey, if that’s an option on the table, “I’ll take it all day long.” So understanding the different phases and in pursuit of that so let’s just explore another poll. Actually, you know what? I didn’t give the cue, I wanna see the results to the last poll. Sorry, I got my rant look at, thank you, Morgan. You know what? I just got so excited moving on to the next thing here but here’s from our last poll. What do you say when people ask you what you’re doing? So 4% of you, “I’m dieting to lose weight,” and sometimes that word just like slips out of our mouth. We don’t mean to make it. It’s just we use it, we go, “Well, I know, that’s not what I’m doing.” But if we’re saying it, so it’s like, really? Is that what we feel that we’re doing? Or I’m doing OPTAVIA and not that’s not great but people don’t. And then really embracing the whole full like I’m creating and working with a Coach and creating habits to sustain long-term health and creating longevity for myself. So, I love this thank you all for participating. So, got another one for you. What is your current weight management phase, okay? So phase one, so A is phase one, weight loss, phase two, healthy weight, phase three, optimization, and phase four, longevity. And you may not really know and that’s why we’re gonna get right now into what is the action to explore, like how do I know, right? Like, I need to assess my current reality. Now, current reality for some of us, we wanna just get into, like, “I know where I wanna be “but I don’t wanna talk about my current state.” But there’s so much power in knowing and I don’t want you to give any emotion to it, but knowing where you are now because from where you are now, you can set intention to where you wanna go. It is about creating some tension, and that structural dynamics that you learned about in Element 03. So, your current phase, so identify where are you at on the BMI, where is your waist circumference, and what is your body fat percentage now, if you have access to a body fat composition testing? And just take a current reality, and then just say, “What is my current phase?” No emotion, but what’s your next step? So we get into structural dynamics and we get to identify our current reality and this is how we move you into a fundamentally different structure to create a different outcome for yourself. So if you, if anything I said about being in a cyclical structure where you’re in this back and forth, back and forth rocking chair, this call is for you. If you get nothing from this is to understand, okay to say, “Hey, here’s where I’m at “but here’s where I wanna go,” and then get really clear on those secondary choices that you can do. what is it you can do daily and show up consistently to create a different and desired result, okay? And then as you achieve those, the next step is working with your Coach and embracing this dynamic, structural tension, and setting a new goal and be like, “Here’s where I’m at, here’s where I wanna go. “What are my secondary choices?” Now, over the next weeks as we move into the other Elements, we’re gonna be exploring all the secondary choices that support this fundamental decision to create, to optimize, to move into phase two, whatever your desired result is. And so with that, I would love to bring on my friend who has been on this path, Amber Newman. She’s had incredible like just contending in her health to move through the phases of health. I’ve been able to watch it. I wanted her just to share about what it’s looking like to really optimize and create longevity and in your life so you can hear from someone that’s working through those phases and what that looks like. So Amber, can you come off, share a piece of what this whole journey of reaching, pursuing health has looked like for you? Hey yes I’m here, good evening, everyone. Yeah, so it’s been very fun to reflect through the phases and it’s hard to believe that I’m reaching and have reached phase four. So last 20 pounds moved through that phase fairly quickly. And then, honestly you guys it’s been such a journey of working through that healthy weight, so I really focused on, I slept pretty good so my sleeping habits were good. My exercise, I love exercise, and so that was a habit that I had really built a foundation in, but I really needed to practice on those nutritional choices and hydration. And so I diligently really practice like those Lean & Green meals two to three times a day. The habits that had served me in that first phase and really just practice them over and over. Some of the other things was like eating six times a day, making sure I was getting my water in, utilize the Fuelings three times a day. It’s like why would I throw out the biggest tool that helped me get that jumpstart? I really just like really focused on making that natural choices and habits for me. And then in that time, a few years later, I really found myself at a phase of looking at the mindset and personal growth and development. And I was like, “Man, there’s some mental habits here “that just aren’t serving me.” And so I really dug into what that was about and focused on my mindset and my surroundings. Another one of those microHabits that Dr. A talks about. And so kind of brought it all full circle with the hydration, nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindset, surroundings. The six MacroHabits and really spent two years on those last mental health, personal development stuff. And then this last year has been really exciting of just taking my health into longevity and focusing on body fat percentage, like Susan said. I love to exercise and it’s been really fun to figure out how to feel in my body to bring on like muscle mass and adding supplements and some different things like that to get that longevity and long-term, stuff like that, so it’s been really fun. And one thing I just wanted to touch on is that as I move through each phase, like Susan said, as I always would find myself assessing my current reality, right? It’s like, you’d reach or mastered one phase and then I’d be, “Okay, where am I at now? “What’s next, where do I wanna go?” Like she mentioned, Marcus was like, “What’s next?” So we’re always looking forward, and so I would use the structural tension and then identify those secondary choices that I need to start practicing to move me forward. And so now we just keep moving forward and so at peace with what the future holds. I’m so thankful for the different phases, the education, the Habits of Health, the Community, and congratulations for being here because if you’re here, that means you’ve started your journey, and that’s a great thing. I love it, all right, let me pull all this back up, but, no thank you, Amber. I’ve watched you, sends over her InBody, and just taking this evaluation in much gratitude of how far you’ve come and the changes you made but then always in pursuit of, where can I still, and just like you guys are, we always say one healthy habit at a time, like what’s one thing you can do? Dr. A talks about, if it’s one push up, if I just wanna get started then like, move it to two over time and three. We’re always in pursuit of just being, having more optimal days than not, like progressing like one incremental growth, like two millimeters of growth a day, right? Is there two millimeters of growth today? It’s like yeah, just keep in pursuit of creating, right? Like you can bring it into existence today. Doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, doesn’t matter what happened over the weekend, (laughs) doesn’t matter, but we are in control of what we fuel our body with, how we move our body right now, and I will just say it’s never been more important right now for us to take care of ourselves and do what we can for ourselves, right? And just understand it’s a path, okay? It’s a path. It’s okay, just take right step or you hang out on a rock for a little bit, but just stay on the path, okay? So three key points in creating a healthy weight. We talked about focus on building health, so not that not about losing weight, guys. This is about creating health for yourself, for your families, for your communities. Use structural tension, use this idea of structural dynamics. If you need to revisit Element 03, I encourage you to, to move to a healthy weight, okay? Stay focused on longevity and optimizing over time, to learn a series of new habits, which will create new behaviors. If we go back to old habits and behaviors, we get old results, and most of us don’t want those anymore. So what habits, behaviors do we need to adopt? One habit at a time that we can start to shift to create new outcomes, okay? So I’d love to hear from you. What actions are you gonna take as a result of this Element? Maybe, maybe you’re gonna evaluate your current reality tonight. Maybe you’re gonna journal out some mindset, maybe you’re gonna start speaking about your journey a little more empowering. So what actions are you gonna take? I’d love to hear it in the chat. And then, how did you guys enjoy this Community Time tonight? Little positivity sparkled us for you all, right? Was it rated overall is excellent, very good, good, below average, or poor? I love y’all, so just wherever you fall on that, I hope that it served tonight. And just know you can access all of the recordings on the YouTube playlist, at OPTAVIA’s YouTube channel and you can subscribe there too. Also our Habits of Health podcast is available, everything on podcast as well. And you can text 99-000, OPTAVIA30 to 99000 to receive notifications of these calls every single week. So join us next week, guys, we’re here same place, same time. I love that we built this virtual beautiful Community for springing forward to achieving your goals by my friends, Doug and Thea Wood. It’s sure to be an awesome time. So thank you all for joining us and have a fantastic evening. This audio may have contained the personal testimonials of some Independent OPTAVIA Coaches or Clients of OPTAVIA. The results relayed in these messages are basically unique experiences of the participants and we cannot guarantee like or similar outcomes. While you may be inspired by these accounts, please note that any stories of success have not been verified and your individual path to optimal health will vary. As always, it is our recommendation that you consult with a healthcare provider before starting a weight-loss program. In addition, this audio may have contained income or earnings representations of some Independent OPTAVIA Coaches. OPTAVIA makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with OPTAVIA results from successful sales efforts, which requires hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and Leadership. Please see the OPTAVIA Income Disclosure Statement for statistics on actual earnings of Coaches under the U.S. Compensation Plan, which differs from the International Compensation Plan. Yours in health, the OPTAVIA team. (music)

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