everybody this is beginner Pilates
If you have been afraid to get the give it a try nows the time inhale through your nose exhale through your mouth we’re gonna warm up side to side move,emt get your heart pumping out front both arms up overhead both arms out front both arms up and outfront and now I reach over and pull now reach across turn your body tuck your abs in other side on the other side reach over arm goes right next to your ear ready reach across shoulder warming up the both shoulders forward
and back ready now roll down ribcage isolation arms open side to side not this ribcage ready and now swings side to side keep
your arms up shoulder level pull back push out hip isolation squeeze tight glutes and hamstrings hip circle big circle soft knee opposite direction and ready step tap out front now heel out front push back ready set knee up lift get all warmed up here ready now easy kick and now tap out ready double tap out and single tap back doubled tap back now step curl opposite hand to heel big step heart rate going up a little bit now knee and curl knee and curl knee curl ready set knees up knee curl over here feet together ide to side big arms alright I’m gonna slow it down
a little walk in place heart rate coming back down let’s bring your feet apart
little rock back and forth big inhale through your nose exhale through your mouth head between your arms lets come forward right here and hold it and bring your hands down to the floor walk your feet a little further apart now bend your knees and straighten over here left hand right foot right arm high turn your head take a look at it put your hands down on the floor grab your foot you can either hold the stretch like this or come all the way down here and foot to your heel and balance hold it toes up hands back down come to Center inhale and exhale stretch over on
the other side right hand left foot left thumb high turn your head hands back down on the floor either hold it here with your knee over your heel not this knee over your heel for this one or come down flip to your heel and balance hold it hands back down on the floor lets walk your feet togetether now bend your knees and have a seat feet are on the mat back straight shoulders relaxed take a deep breath inhale exhale curve your spine and roll down bring your arms over your head legs extended in pilates turn out that means you’re turned out from your hip to the tips of of the toes hold
right here small of your back down think about pulling your navel
in towards your spine get that visual right arm and left leg stretch toes pointed and relax left arm right leg stretch and relax grab behind both knees now pull in towards
your chest let’s have a little roll from side to side if you feel any discomfort
during the class you in the small of your back you can always come back to this
now grab your ankles push your knees apart with your elbows your head comes up hold
this pose right here warming up grab your toes lets pull your knees in closer to your chest and roll from side to side your heads down both knees in once again now extend your left leg right leg comes up take the bend right of of your knee grab your ankle and pull in toes are pointed and now flex your foot hold right there point again bring it down on the other side pull it in stretch it up toes are pointed grab that ankle pull it in grab your toes and hold it head is either up or down up to you this is a little more of a stretch with head up and lets go to table top leg alright that means your shins are parallel with the floor shins parallel to the floor now ready march arms need to be out here or hands flat underneath your bottom to give your low back a little more support flex your feet March now point your toes and take a walk no noodle legs none of this keep them straight
flex your feet take a walk pretty good grab behind your knees once
again pull in little role let’s extend your left leg on the floor bring your
right leg up again and grabbing behind your calf or grabbing behind your ankle and pulling
in now take your left hand on the outside of that right angle right arm
on the floor and let’s pull across and lift up left hand comes down on the
floor let’s drop it out to the side and lift and lower other side pull it in here
first and lift it up hold it right hand on the outside of the ankle left
hand on the floor let’s bring across right hand down lift bring it out
to the side and exhale continue samll of your back stays down exhale inhale
exhale keep going almost there very nice arms come out legs come up
let’s cross the one in front of the other legs are straight turned out from
the hip again and now big open and cross and open and cross all right let’s do this right left leg
up right leg here and we’re going to open cross front open cross behind open
cross front open cross behind notice shoulders are on the floor head
is on the floor these arms open will give you a lot of upper body stability
let’s try the other side ready set here we go out cross front
out cross behind very nice hold here grab your ankles lift your head up push apart with your elbows hold and life your legs up again let’s push
open ready aim for your toes lift 1 2 3 4 5 6 ready
arms straight up grab those ankles again let’s rock from side to side we’re going to go
right into rolled like a ball and let’s take it like this here we go 1 2
3 here we go come to your v hold on right here 4 5 6 7
roll down arms open leg circle ready crossing over the extended leg working your hip mobility hip
flexibility let’s change direction with the circle
now crossing over the extended leg and on the other side leg circle cross over
that extended leg beginners your circle might not be this big the first few times to do it
but I guarantee it’ll get bigger bigger as we go change direction very nice legs are extended all right
arms overhead this is roll up beginner roll up with arms overhead take a deep
breath to prepare and exhale through your mouth as you roll up and stretch 2 3 4 5 6 7
and 8 let’s hold right here open your arms up and soft side to side your
fingertips are extending past the end of toes turn your head stop in the
middle chest up shoulders down now try it with flexed feet notice my feet aren’t
like this pilates turn out let’s roll down and lets roll over so face down arms over head we’re going to use the muscles along your spine so arms are over head legs extended at a distance toes are pointed face down inhale throw your nose exhale through your mouth as you lift inhale down exhale lift inhale down exhale lift inhale down and exhale
lift now flutter and swim arms around shoulder mobility hold here the other way 1 2 3 and 4 good job let’s
flex your feet tap your heels together now your legs aren’t bent stretch it out all right let’s roll onto your side
bottom leg is bent top leg extended abs in head on your arm and
lift 1 2 and now flex your foot 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 lets extend your bottom leg as
well and hold right here balance ready set scissors good job back to hold right here nice let’s go to the other side arm extended head on your arm bottom leg bent top leg extended arm up ready toes pointed here we go 1 again 1 2 3 4 7 and 8 hold right there
let’s extend those legs and balance hand comes back down scissors ready go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 let’s move again right here
hang on and put your hand back down alright let’s roll onto your stomach again so toes are tucked under hands on the mat abs in nice and tight lets hold your plank notice not this here head neutral and you can come on down now bring your arms over your head relaxed face down beginner Pilates hands on the floor lets come up to plank again full on plank hold it here not this bottom down hold and we’re going to pull this right into a stretch go ahead
conclusion to our class bring your feet apart with your heels flat on the floor head
between your arms hold this and walk it out again hold here come down to your knees come back here lets put your forehead down and come back hands on the floor take a deep breath in through your nose out through your mouth as you lift and back down inhale exhale as you life this time you’re going to turn your head over your shoulder and come back down inhale exhale lift lets come on over to the other should and come on back down one more time to the center lift up head up hold it and back down all right lets put your knees about hip distance apart back straight arm right next to your ear not down here next to your ear head is neutral other leg extends hold elbow to knee for 8 7 6 3 2 and hold right there put your hand down push this leg up a little higher swing it around and let’s hold here come on back to center same thing on the other side arm next to your ear leg extended hold it and 1 2 3 45 6 7 hang on right here hand down lift swing it around and bring your forehead down here hold come on back to center come on down to your elbows hands open right leg extended foot flexed ready push up 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 again 1 2 glutes hamstrings lower back now drop and lift and drop and lift 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 come on down here let’s have a little stretch in between hold it and back here all right other leg foot flexed push up and again 1 2 3 4 5 6 slow it way down here we go 1 lift 2 lift 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 bring it down and come on down here for a stretch time to wrap it up bring your hips to the side arms to the other side hold here and let’s switch it up other side hold here hands center tuck your toes under come up to your feet walk your hands in grab your ankles bend your knees tuck your chin in roll up a little cool down stretch now ready over straight up down and out again over up down and out arm right next to your ear over hold it right and here and come up on the other side here we go over up down and out over up down and out 2 more over up down and out over hold it right here arms open ready inhale exhale inhale exhale roll up one more time please inhale exhale inhale exhale big deep breath big exhale thanks for watching everybody stay safe

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