Legs Bums And Tums Home Workout With Mini Resistance Bands – 15 Minutes

– Hi, guys, I’m Carlos
at The CARLOS Method. Today, I’m going to take you
through a legs bums and tums workout circuit. We’re going to be be using some
resistance bands, some dumbbells. Dumbbells, I suggest five
kilograms, seven and a half, or 10 kilograms depending
on how strong you are. We’re gonna hit the core. We’re gonna hit the core down the middle, and the obliques a little bit. The quads, the glutes. Everything’s going to get
worked in the legs and core. 15 minute burner, aimed at
beginners to intermediate. I’m without my studio in North London, so, I’m filming a lot of
YouTube videos again now, so let’s get cracking. Okay, guys, make sure
you’ve got your resistance, mini resistance bands ready. They’re about 10 pounds on Amazon. They come normally in packs of
six and different strengths. They are different band strengths. So we’ll be using these
during the workout, doing the banded exercises. I’m just going to put those down there. Okay, so the first exercise is
going to be body weight squats. So feet shoulder width apart,
stay nice and tall, chest up. You’re going to sit back and
down through your hips, okay? That’s the movement, and stay
there for one or two seconds and then stand up tall and
squeeze your glutes, okay? So you’re backing down, imagine if you’re sitting on a chair,
(beeping) hips back and down and stand up tall. Now, if you’ve got a mirror and we’re in guys,
forty-five second work here. So this is just part of the warm up. We’re just gonna loosen
you up, get you mobilized. Nice slow, controlled movements. Sit back and down through the hips, standing up tall, squeezing your glutes. So beginner to intermediate workout. It’s obviously just a
warm up, nice and easy. Obviously we haven’t got a lot of space, so we’re just gonna work mainly
on the spot where we are. Just in my sister’s carport at the moment due to the outbreak
we’ve got at the moment. Okay, so, 15 seconds left, sink back and down, stand up. With your hands, you can
have your hands on your hips, you can have your hands out in front of you, as you squat. You can have your hands on your temples, on your side of your head. So it’s whatever’s comfortable for you. I just tend to clasp them.
(beeping) it’s just about getting the legs working. 15 seconds rest. Okay, lets just do active stretches, we’re just leaning into
a side lateral lunge, just for a couple seconds, just each side, couple of seconds, and then we’re gonna go to
stationary lunges, okay? (beeping) Okay, so take that leg out,
nice and long, stay tall, squeeze your core, lock your core in. How’s my knee Bec? Is it over my ankle? I’m without my mirror. Normally I’ve got my mirror
to help me with my awareness, and I do suffer from really
tight hip flexors and stuff so it’s important to get the
angles right for the camera. Okay, so just a body weight lunge. You stay nice and tall,
shoulders back and down, chest up, head looking straight ahead. Now this is great just to warm up, and just get a feel of
where you’re actually tight. For me I know it’s my hip, there’s a lot of people,
hip flexors and quads are gonna be tight, from
being sat at work all day. And just get a feel of it, you know? Work slowly, just work into it gradually, and just get a feel of where, where you’re restricted,
and just loosen up. Work to the range you’ve
got, don’t force the range. I remember forcing the
range once in a lunge, (beeping) and I had knee bursitis
for a few weeks, so. Okay, 15 seconds rest, we’re just gonna go here. Knee up and out. Now, again if you need to pause the video, and do your own work, mobility and warming up
yourself, then please do that. I did that before the video, it took me about 20 minutes to warm up. Okay, nice and tall,
(beeping) and you’re going to go
other side, reverse lunge. Now that’s just me warming up, because as my clients would know, they’re probably watching this video, I do get very stiff, so
that’s just what works for me, but for other people it
won’t be necessarily as long, and to be fair, this is
a leg and core work out. Body weight and bands, and then obviously once we’re really really warmed up, we’re going with some
weighted work as well, with the dumbbells. This is all kit you should have at home, you can get it cheap, online obviously Those mini resistance bands
are great for working the hips, as I’ll show you soon. 15 seconds left here guys. The head looking straight ahead, just get a feel of it, How’s my knee, Bec, is it over the ankle? My knee, Beck? Yeah, okay, she’s just giving
me a countdown over there. Three, two,
(beeping) Okay, so let’s just do
some rotations here, nice and tall, chest up. You’re just going to pivot off the foot, just to try and loosen
the back a little bit. Then we’re gonna go to sumo squats. So feet out wide, toes out,
(beeping) spread the knees as you squat, and you go down, hold
for a couple seconds, and slowly come back up, and
squeeze your glutes, yeah? So sit back, spread the
knees, spread the knees out so they’re over the second or third toe, and stand up tall, okay? This is great one just to loosen
up through your adductors. There’s a lot of people that when
they are doing squats in the gym. It’s always the same movement
pattern over and over again. You know, they’re always just
squatting in the same position, and you’ve got to think in everyday life, when you’re picking up your
kids, or your shopping, you move in different ways, don’t you? So it’s good to do, when I do my squats, I often do a body weight circuit, feet narrow, feet hip
width, shoulder width, sumo, and just totally vary up the squat pattern with jump squats and stuff. So just don’t be restricted to kind of one movement pattern, over and over again. (beeping)
Okay, and rest. Okay so, okay banded fire hydrants, I’d get the medium bands,
just kind of step through it, put it above your knees. Pause the video if you need
to to get set up correctly. Hands underneath the shoulders,
knees underneath the hips. We’re going for one minute, guys, Okay? (beeping)
Two, one, and you’re going to go, (grunts) I’ve not done
these for a while. (laughs) So squeeze out to the sides, so where you should feel it
is in your glute here, okay? Keep your core tight, no
movement through the spine, okay? So back’s nice and long. How’s my back look, Beck, looks okay? That’s my sister behind the camera she works with me back in
North London at my studio, The CARLOS Method. We’re currently closed,
obviously, at the moment. So, hence, I’m back to my YouTube channel which is great news actually
because I’ve been wanting to film some workouts for a while. Okay, half way, guys. So change sides. So other side, just controlled
tempo, don’t jerk it ’cause you want to get
the tension on the glutes. The good thing about
these bands is you’ve got a constant resistance on
the muscle as you’re working through the range. So keep your core tight. I’ve a tendency to have
a bit of a bendy back. I’m just a bit hyper immobile, but I’m trying to brace my core, squeezing through my
glutes and it just feels, that feels good. Okay, we got six seconds. Three, two,
(beeping) Okay, where are we? Okay, heavy banded
squats, so change bands. Let’s slip them on like a pair of shorts. Okay, so I’ve got the heaviest band now. The heaviest band above the knees, okay? Doesn’t matter if it’s straightened out. It’s just the resistance will be the same. And we’re gonna squat so, (grunts) this is a really great
one because as you squat, you want to keep the pressure outwards against the band, okay? So what I don’t want to see is the knees collapsing in because that’s, there’s going to be no
glute activation there. So you’re gonna squat down
and really spread that band and squeeze at the top. This is the heaviest
band, it’s the orange band like in the set I’ve got. But, yeah, you definitely
want a heavy band with this. If it’s too, if you’re one
of those lighter bands, you’re not gonna get anything out of it. So just the banded heavy
squats, and these are great. You know, there’s different
glute activation exercises that people find are effective and work. For me, personally,
this is one of the best. You know, I really feel this one more than a lot of other ones in terms of my glutes really firing up. So, just slow and controlled, and make sure also when you’re squatting, the pressure is evenly through the foot. So it’s through the front
part of the foot and the heel. So it’s all three kind
of point to the foot. You’re not over-emphasising one area. You want to get it right from the foot. (beeping) And everything else will be
better further up the chain. Okay, so, lateral band walks. Let’s quick change again. Okay, this time it’s the medium band, the black one. Get that above the knees. Okay, right. We’re going to stay into
a squat, quarter squat, big side step. Big side step. Back the other way. I haven’t got lots of
room to travel too far. Normally, if I was in the
studio, back in North London, I’d be going up and down
the track we’ve got. Got like a 10 meter track. But I’m in my sister’s
carport at the moment, so we’re really improvising here. So, yeah, this one’s a great
one for your glute med. Glute minimus, glute med, so these muscles on the side of the hip. They stabilize your hip,
especially whilst running. If you’re running, and
you’ve got weak glute med, you see your hips kind of
rotate, go side-to-side. Got a trendelenburg thing going on. This is good series, I hope you, when you’re running for a while, I know, since I’ve started doing these, I’ve definitely gotten more
linear with my running. Less side to side movements,
I was weak in these hip adductors at one point. It’s a great burn, you want to stretch, really stretch here, go as
far as you can to the side. Some people do have it on the ankles. I personally don’t like it down here. I don’t find it as good, you
can do it down there as well, but I prefer it above my knees. (beeping)
Three seconds and okay. Okay, so, weighted front squats. Grab your dumbbells. I’ve got four and a
halves, these are my dad’s. I’ve got some in order so
it’s good for me, actually. It’s slightly easier for me,
but, yeah grab your dumbbells. Fives, seven and a half, or 10. In front of you,
(beeping) on your shoulders, deep front squat. Hold at the bottom, stand up tall, yeah? We’re going 45 second work period here. This whole workout is 15 minutes. Sitting back and down, chest up. (exhaling) Whoo. Actually keep the weight
evenly through the heels, through the front of the foot
as well, Controlled motion. Good. 20 seconds left. And we’re just filming a series of these shorter ones
as well because I know that people are obviously
working from home at this point and that you might not have the time in between teleconferences
and calls and work meetings to be doing longer workouts maybe at this point.
(beeping) Now we’re done. 15 seconds, just take
some deep breaths, whoo! Okay, so, we’re gonna go
weighted reverse lunges. Stay nice and tall,
keep the shoulders back, and this is the motion. You want to go back and
down, then stand up tall. (beeping) Back and down, stand up tall, okay? And, we’re in. So 45 seconds here. I probably could have
gone heavier on this, I mean just try and go seven and a half or 10 if you’re a stronger person. Just we’re waiting on our
order for some new dumbbells. I wanted to get some Carlos,
some Official Carlos dumbbells, but the price range is a bit out of my price bracket at the moment so I’m just gonna go with some steel ones, I’m thinking chrome ones. Okay, so 20 seconds here,
core tight, chest up. Okay, reverse lunges. So we warmed this movement
up during the warm-up, we’ve done the banded work, which have got the
glutes really firing up. And then we can load it because sometimes people go too quickly into
these weighted exercises without being mobile and warmed up enough. (beeping) Then they’re loading a faulty pattern. Whoo, okay, banded bridges, okay. Quick change over again. It’s like I’m in the theater
here, quick costume changes. Okay, so, lie on your back. Okay, feet hip width apart.
(beeping) Keep your back and head flat. Squeeze up. Hold at the top one or
two seconds and back down. Whoo! Just for one minute here guys, yeah? Make sure at the top of the movement, should be like a ski slope. So your knees, hips, and shoulders are all in a straight line, yeah? Engage your core, really
activate it through your glutes. Now, if I did have a step, probably I’d put my feet on a step just ’cause I find I can get a bit more tension on the step as well. So feet on like a Reebok step, you know like an aerobics step. I find that this is still working well. I’ve got my knees
pressing against the band. It’s definitely more effective
with a band than without. From the floor, squeezing and holding for a couple of seconds. And when you’re doing it,
be mindful of the tension. You actually want to get
the glutes firing up, both the left and the right. I’ve often got a weak left glute so I’m really trying to focus. Get that neural drive. Get that tension into that muscle. Send the impulses down
there, five seconds. (beeping) I’m gonna get out of
this thing quickly, okay. Slow mountain climbers, all right. Okay. Okay, right, here we go, so,
into a press up position. Keep your back nice and long.
(beeping) Draw the knee up into the chest. Hold, and then back out. Pull that knee up into the chest. Hold and back out, okay? Is my back nice and long, Beck? Yep, good. Let’s keep a long back. Draw the knee up into the chest. Make sure when you draw
the knee into the chest, your lower back’s not rounding, okay? So you want to keep your core tight. Okay. Whoo! 25 seconds here. Engage, as that knee comes
in, engage your abs, okay? Just switch to turn them on Obviously the normal version of this is just normal mountain
climbers, more dynamic. You could always add variety to exercises. The slower version is more, obviously, more of a core exercise like this. It’s more controlled through your abs. Whoo! Four, three, two, and rest.
(beeping) Let’s go into a child’s pose quickly. Sit back into the hips. Spread the hands out in front of you. And then you wanna go, in a second, high plank with shoulder taps, okay? So, hands underneath your shoulders, feet about hip width to
shoulder width apart. No movement, no twisting movement. Just gonna tap, taps, so keep tight, okay? ‘Cause see there is hardly any movement. Obviously, there’ll be a tiny bit ’cause I’m on three points of contact, one hand, two feet, but otherwise, you don’t want to be seeing this rotating or dipping the back, just
a long, straight line. And tapping your way. Obviously your feet closer will make it a little bit harder. Just make sure you can
maintain the control. Okay, just small little taps. Squeeze your glutes. Squeeze your abs. Whoo, almost there. And again, if you’re
feeling it in your back, or you’re not feeling stable enough, then go wide again with the feet. That feels good for me. Small taps. (beeping) And rest, one more child’s pose. Sink back into the hips. Okay, so bicycle crunches. I think they’re a good exercise when you put them into a circuit. And you know, into, part of
a circuit, they’re effective. On their own not necessarily, (beeping) but, it’s a bit bumpy. I’m on a bit of decline in
this carport pavement here. So, yeah, make sure you’re
on a soft surface, guys. I’m kind of currently
on concrete out here, but I’ve got a padded mat so I’m okay. Okay, so, elbows to the top of the knee. Okay, now find the range where
it’s gonna work your core but not arch your back. I’m working in a range
where I can feel that in my obliques or my core,
but I’m not overstretching, this is just a safe range for me. When you’re doing core work, you should never feel
it in your lower back, always in your tummy muscles. And just work the range
where you’re good in. That’s gonna be individual
for other, for everyone. Okay, so we got 10 seconds left. Twisting across, engaging the abs. (beeping) Okay, double leg raises. This one’s a tough one. So legs up straight,
as straight as you can. Lower both legs down,
and then come back up. The back has got to be
pressing into the mat. If your back arches up at all, then go back to the previous
exercise or reduce the range. If you find this too hard, definitely go back to
the bicycle crunches. So this is more of an
intermediate exercise. You’ve got to have strong ab muscles here, and the back’s got to be
pressing into the floor. Again, work the range that’s good for you. Now obviously you can see my hamstrings aren’t the best. They’re okay, they got better with some deep tissue massages
and stretching regularly, but some people are just tight, you know, in their hamstrings genetically. You know, just the way
they’re structured, so. But, I can still really
really feel that in my tummy. I’m just working a safe range for myself. The back is totally flat into the floor. And three, two, whoo!
(beeping) Okay, end of workout. Thanks a lot for following me, guys, going through that workout. That’s kind of a beginner workout, a couple exercises a bit harder in there, but, again, cause we’re
in these challenging times at the moment.
(beeping) This thing is done, finished, yeah, okay. So, cause we’re in these
challenging times, obviously, we’ve got to be indoors working out. And this is kind of a great short workout to do at home while you’re
in between your work, and you’ve only got a
short period and it’s, you know, we worked the
glutes, we’ve worked the core, and these muscles contribute to having a stronger spine, and
it prevents back pain. Because back pain is so common, isn’t it? Four out of five people
suffering back pain. So, even a short workout like that, whilst it may not be like a HIIT, super hard intensive workout, it’s gonna engage your core,
get your glutes fired up, and it’s gonna leave you
holding a good posture, and leave you feeling
better around the area. So, like and subscribe
to my channel, follow me. I’m gonna be putting a
lot more videos out now. And I’ll see you guys soon!

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