1. Omgg I'm doing this challenge and in a while I will do the workouts for day 10. So far I lost an inch on my waist and 7 cm on my belly and I'm getting those abs back. Girl I know the struggle those planks were hard and during the first days i almost passed out during one of the exercises. Now I can get through w/o any problems and I'm so excited to finish this challenge. Hard work really pays off. 💗
    Keep up the good work!! Thank u for this I really loved your video. ❤️

  2. im doing this bcs im so close to having a flat stomach so hopefully this give me a flat stomach or even abs (i was doing the chloe ting lose weight and after a week my stomach was almost flat and then i change workouts everyday and doing chloe ting beginner hiit workout but its not doing anything lol)

  3. cool vid! definitely thinking about doing some exercises today at home. I actually really like that your surroundings are realistic and not polished studios or something. and your commentary was delightful <3

  4. How can you be doing this challenge?!?!? I can even only do like a half of the video every Chloe Ting work out…🤣😩

  5. My mom nags at me for when I’m on a diet too😂

    like she yells at me to eat meat so I get all the nutrients I need lol
    but I know when she does that she cares so I’m grateful 🥰

  6. Đang thắc mắc bả hay diet+ abs v tại s cái dáng của bả mỗi lần quay video nó không cải thiện được nhỉ🤣

  7. Thx for doing the challenge it's a great idea for those who don't have any equipment at home during the self isolation ….. I'm going to try doing zumba videos on YouTube Im too afraid to go outside stay safe…….ps I want chocolate lol

  8. Wow, good job 🙂 I'm proud of you, you did it! And it's amazing that you did not stop while it was heavy. I think you can motive a lot of young people to do workout now, when the coronavirus is everywhere. I hope you and your family stay healthy. Thanks for your video, greetings from Poland 🙂

  9. You did very well. I see the results. When I started this challenge,I was dying inside and I couldn't make it till the end. I envy you for your endurance.

  10. Hi good work and super results 🙂 Maybe now you can try this challenge every day for two weeks? https://youtu.be/_dYj6QSiRbw

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