Barre workout at home (no barre needed)!

Roll on your heels and open and close your feet Go Up and Down Plie to the side (keep those glutes under the shoulders, feet externally rotated) plie to the other side Pulses and then transition to thoracic rotations Hand on the floor and pulse in squat Hamstrings opener (bend knees and extend) Rotate to one side into deep lunge and hold it there or add pulses thoracic rotations (rotate toward the front leg) Hands of the floor and hold there for hip flexor stretch or add pulses and the same on the other side Lets step back in the plank and we will transition from plank to down dog on 4 counts One leg side pulses Tree pose for a balance and then take this leg back into curtsy lunge for more balance challenge and the on the other side and that’s it for warm up, drink some water and grab a pair of dumbbells from 1 to 4 pounds Side flies (core engaged, shoulders away from the ears and lower your heels on the floor for arm circuit if you need to) Overhead presses Elbows in (squeeze those chest muscles when you bringing elbows in) Pulses Hinge forward , roll shoulders back and transition in Back Flyes Pull from your back, squeeze those shoulder blades together another Back exercise (lead with your elbows and squeeze shoulder blades together) Small arm circles Sorry, about that! Take a sip of water Alternating Mac raises (elbow back and in, squeeze the back of your shoulder) Up, Rotate your palms, Down, Rotate palms back Round a little in the elbows Bicep curls (keep your upper arms parallel to the floor) Tricep kick backs Hinge froward (keep your back straight!) put your weight on one leg and kick those arms up!! Switch the legs Go on your toes again and bend your knees Palms up and Out and In (belly button in) Add the hips (optional) Speed it up! and add punches thats it for the arms circuit…..grab some water grab a chair Hand on the chair, roll on your heels and open the feet in 1st position Bend , Toes, Up and Down speed it up!! Small plies Triple pulses Passe (hold your foot near the knee) Knee in , out , kick (internal and external hip rotation) Smooth it out!!!(slightly bend standing leg, lead with your hip) Hips from side to side! Plie down on 2 up on 2 (Be careful here! ) Go as low as your flexibility and strength allowing you to and down on 1 and up on 1 And small pules out and stretch those quads (they should be burning by now!) and other side Feet in the 2d position (wider than the hips) Bend, on your Toes, Up and Down Small plies in 2d position triple pulses Down on 2 and up on 2 Down on 1 and Up on 1 Passe

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