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Hi everyone! Welcome to Elly’s Diary! My name is Elly and I’m a professional dancer and Yoga teacher. Today I’ll be sharing with you my little morning Yoga routine, which I basically do everyday before class. This is a follow along video, so all you need to do is to jump on your mat, and let’s get started! Ok guys! So let’s start in Sukhasana (Easy Pose). Just take a moment to settle down, sit up straight. And we’ll just take a moment to loop the shoulders, lift them all the way up, and exhale, kiss the shoulder blades down. We’ll repeat another few times. Inhale, loop the shoulders. Exhale, kiss the shoulder blades back. And one last time. Take a deep breath in. Loop the shoulders, and exhale to land down. Inhale, spread your wings, reach all the way up to the sky. And exhale, we’ll lower the hands down to the heart space. Take a deep breath in. And exhale, to release. We’ll reach out with our right hand. Lift all the way up to the sky, and we’ll pour it down to the left. Inhale, bounce it up, side stretch. Exhale, to soften and release. Inhale, lift the sternum to the sky. Exhale, to soften down. Inhale, reach with your spine in a nice long diagonal over your left knee. Exhale, lower down. Soften and release. Gently sway your way back to the centre. And unravel your spine up. Inhale, loop the shoulders, and exhale to release. So, we’ll continue to the left. Dig into the sand on the left side, reach for the sky, exhale, pour it down to the right. Inhale to bounce. Exhale to soften and release. Inhale, shine your heart up. Exhale to soften. Inhale, reach in a nice long diagonal over your right knee. Exhale, release your spine down. Gently sway your way back to the centre. And unravel the spine. Take a deep breath in. Loop the shoulders from the back to the front. Exhale to release it down. Take a deep breath in, reach for the sky! Exhale, left hand goes to the right knee. Inhale, lengthen through the spine. Exhale, look past your right shoulder. Inhale to lengthen. Exhale to deepen the twist. And then we’ll come all the way back to the centre, criss cross your arms, and exhale, release. We’ll again loop the shoulders. And exhale to land down. Breathe in, reach for the sky. Exhale, right hand goes all the way to the left knee. Inhale, root to rise. Nice long spine. Exhale, look past your left shoulder. Take a deep breath in, lengthen your spine. Exhale, deepen the twist. And we’ll gently send the left arm over and across. Release your weight down. And slowly start unraveling the spine. So, we’ll extend our legs, coming to what is called in Yoga ‘Dandasana’, or Staff pose, or Stick pose. And we’ll just take a moment here to sit up straight, find a nice long spine. Make sure you can still breathe. And we’ll just take a moment here to warm up our feet; pointing and flexing, rotating our ankles. You know what you will need for class, so just freestyle here. Really take a second to get your feet and ankles ready. And then we’ll flex both our feet, and bend the knees slightly in. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, nice long spine as you come all the way to the front. So we’ll play here with warming up our hamstrings. Check how you are feeling. Maybe walk your feet slightly further front. And then release your weight down. If you feel super comfortable here, you can also find the full extension, and release all the way down into your forward fold. moment to do so and then gently back
into another come up what your gun and we’ll lower down gently to come to our
backs take a moment successful here with mine
we’re not rushing we’re warming up for the day so take your time and then we’ll
cuddle the right wing to our chest take a moment here again use all the time
comparing these positions to well then for the other side my right
foot and send the right foot over across all the way to connect side just coming
down to as you find this really really dig your way into the earth if you want
to open it start sending your gaze in the direction of the right home and
access the live action center itself and we’ll have a blend like and all the way to the side into it in
the direction of your mouth and exhale send it back to centre taste your feet
on the yoga mat and from here with the right foot and all the way up to the
side take a deep breath in exhale and your right knee over there with the red
needle and just hug the left leg in general what’s right here again and you
can play with how much stretch you and coming on to our fourth find your
way back to San Jose and again the Sun itself will taste an ass
underneath the shoulders and knees underneath the hips take a moment to
find some dishes such as old American near the dress will gone to cover tables
operation we’re activating the core and we’ll hook this the ten nine eight seven
six five four three two one stop handing down and suck your toes
take a deep breath in and exhale see you tonight inhale document and it’s
divided up toward the sky and exhale human mess into your hands and a nice
juicy curve and then we’ll inhale move back into our our position exhale human
breast into cat and here you can really move natural speed don’t try to follow
my personal things because we all have a different reading speed so who has your
own time really warm on the Sun and if you do need to just wait matter
we sell the back to warm absolutely please a moment do so don’t forget your
glasses so you met temple and then defining moment of stillness kiss your
big toes together open the knees to the width of your yoga mat and we’ll send
the sit bones back into extended top send the hands out with over the
forehead onto the mat reaching back and don’t forget your breath here so we
believe that move around because you’re getting
more for your own task oh this is also a dejected one for me how how its feeling
is very help wants you to take care of it so do you think your time so even
even when they are 204 is an inhale open up the right hand all the way into a
nice side stretch exhale the revenue the underneath the left and recover the
right here all the way down to the mat release into the yoga mat taking a
moment to be d enjoy distress maybe you can brush the left hand all the way to
the front full body stretch keep deepening the breath and say come back
up onto your right inhale brush the left hand
– sky reach it up except the middle lower the left here we’ll go down to the
max coming into a twist they can be breath in exhale brush the right hand
all the way to the box nice full body stretch keep even in the
breath and generally find your way that on to
bring the knees back in your toes under hands gently find your way into our
first downward facing dog practice together so we’re not going for
an ideal close be adjust the position so that it breaks we maybe take your dog
for a walk do anything you need to do to really take this moment to warm up your
body notice how it feels and it and movement and then we’ll send it out and
either walk step or our way to the top of the mat really sink your way down to
the national you can bend your knees and ask one other words together and release
it down even your breath even here we release
the full weight of your head down into the mat they say to release and sit
bones down and so inhale brush your hands all the way up
to your knees and find a nice box time and exhale to stop until now release
your head down then the next walk step or hop into that nice long time we’ll
hold for ten nine eight seven six five four three two one
shift the weight to the front of the elbows lower all the way down Germany
open the feet to the width of you find a nice long spine hands up
underneath your shoulders inhale reach through the palm of your hand
halfway space exhale to come all the way down inhale reach through the crown of
your head lift it up baby Cobra exhale to go what do we know last time inhale
lift up baby Cobra if you want to exhale and move the
circle from the right shoulder to decide to the left shoulder and back down and
then reverse left to the sky to the right shoulder stop you don’t under
exit court near the best opportunities and will open up into side flags to
bless the left hand up to the sky 4 3 5 4 3 2 1 the reverse to the other side
left hand mass to the center will open up to the right hole to again open up the hip point your right foot
exhale step it all the way into feet your hands though I left me on top of
the left cells and just take a moment to come up in your low lunge we’re anything
here finding snakes do anything you need to do
inhale reach up to the sky exhale brushing the wooden front of us face the
hands down transfer the weight onto your back knee as next in front of us runner
stretch xlr8 back students will face the veteran
and Romana and will to arrive the all the way to the other side of the mast
opening it up into a different variation usually just releasing the way down xstep here all the way to the left and
we go all the way down into pigeon nice fat pigeon inhale release back except
Russian wouldn’t come to you with low birth weight I thought your hands or
your palms your face whatever works that’s pretty and even the breath
release that leg and gently come up we’ll bring the hands
over to the left side of the mast to bring our right foot we’ll have a nice
crowd sign and we’ll send the gays pastor let’s go through to our foot
we’ll invite the left leg in and we’re just checking on what’s here that’s what
I was feeling if it’s feeling good we’ll hug the left
foot into our left elbow with them the right hand acts up to the sky and behind
to clasp the left hand into kinkajou normally and again will leave me into
this position to be organized into the lunch will give
it around onto our networks to come to serve your stretch and exit
counterweight on to the other side service stretch over the left leg and
then rotate that back into downward-facing dog on the opposite side
of the mat take a moment again here and downward facing dog
notice if it’s changed from others that we know today were if you still didn’t
say me to embrace them embrace movement embraces jealous whatever is pulling you
and then we’ll step the right foot central cannot send the left field
batting behind open up left hip pointer left + XS step into lunge release your way down to yourself in
reach all the way up and exhale brush the one in front of you place the
hands down and push shift the weight back into runner stretch on the other
side inhale nice and strong exhale to release all the way down deep mietek
stretch x2 x2 by opening up foot into a lizard very strong your choice you can
save you or me you can no doubt on your elbows again you are going up for your own mess
so you want to mean when you say it all the way to extend your side for moments
inhale reach exhale all the way down retiring position the surfers coming back – and we walk
away to the last back into release you wait in region 7 XA hand romantic advice mate
and all the way down into yogic squat Mahayana Dharma folks and we’ll just a
moment here just do any movement in to do and exhale something all the way down
and we’ll gently on our way into our again so in all the way buddy reconnect get every day so thank you so much for watching this
video and if you didn’t today to give this video a big thumbs up and don’t
forget to subscribe to my channel also if you would like to see more videos
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