20 Minuten – CORE WORKOUT zum Mitmachen

Hello guys,
today I have a core workout for you. My favorite exercises, straight after another.
It’ll be three sets. All you need is a mat or something else to lay down on,
if you have a small ball or another object,
doesn’t have to be heavy, just something you can throw. If you have, such a stretch loop,
or something elastic you can tie up,
so you can wrap around your leg. And a weight.
If you have a barbell, use that.
You have to find out what weight you can lift. Alternatively you can use a bottle
or another heavy object that you can hold. I don’t want to talk so much,
let’s get started! Have fun, let me know in the comments below
if it was exhausting or not, if you liked the exercises. I add these 2 to 3 times per week to my plan
and think I’m strengthened for all 3 disciplines. It’s also a good activation before a workout.
Of course not at this volume before a session like this it’s a session on its own in your training plan. So, let’s go! Go to your mat,
at first we’ll need the barbell or the weight. And for the first exercise, lay down on your back.
Take the barbell in one hand. We’ll do both sides, it won’t matter how you start. And you’ll get up as in a sit-up
and press the barbell as high as possible. Make sure your heels stay on the mat,
press down on them, they always want to release. Keep the legs as straight as possible
and work from the core. I try to do per side 8 to 10 reps. But when I notice it gets really hard
and I’m no longer doing the exercise correctly then I maybe stop after five. You can tell it’ll get hard! Often one side is a lot easier than the other,
then be guided by the weaker side. We’ll move on to the next exercise:
Single Arm Bench Press. Lift both legs as you can see here And the side of the leg that is at a 90 degree angle,
the opposite side you press the barbell up,
from the chest muscles. Knee and barbell move a little bit towards each other. And firmly press down your lumbar spine
that has to rest firmly on the mat. And the shoulder without the barbell,
also press that down
so you have a diagonal tension. And on we go to the next exercise,
no mercy, no break! The Plank Throw.
You go into the push-up position and
then throw the ball from one side to the other. It looks easier than it is! Let’s go on: After then throws
take the loop, lay back down. Put some tension into the loop,
press the knees to the outside,
always keep the tension in the loop. And then move your bottom up and down,
the loop shouldn’t move at all. Arms either on the chest
then it’s a bit harder or at the side next to your body
then you have a bigger pressure area. At the end, hold.
Pelvis stays up. One leg after the other .. extend,
hold the pressure in the loop. And make sure the pelvis doesn’t sink to one side. Done! Next up: Side Lifts. Take a nice wide stand One hand goes down to the foot The other one up to the sky,
stabilize the weight with your shoulder. Move upside down using the lateral abdominals. Look up to the barbell. About ten times per side if you can. Again it’s possible that it’s much easier on one side than the other. At least for me, use the weaker side Or do one extra rep there during the time that we’re quarantined. Now we’ll get to the last exercise of the circuit. For that you lie down on your stomach. Have the ball ready, we’ll need that soon. To start, lift legs and upper body. Do a nice upper body lift. Push your shoulder blades towards each other. and keep the tension in the glutes and the legs in the air. Now take the ball
and pass it in front of your head
and on the back to the other hand. Each side ten times. If the legs get tired and sink down
lift them a bit more. And then change the direction. And then you’re done. First round done, now it’s number two. Again, take the barbell and we’ll continue with the dumbbell situp press. Push the barbell up. keep the knees as straight as possible. heels stay on the mat and up! Exhale exhale when you’re coming up. And if it get’s really hard
it’s good enough. Change sides push up and come up. Let the heals stay down. There’s one better side here as well. I’m struggling a bit more. Done! And we’ll move to
Single Arm Bench Press. Lift the legs, press the lumbar down. and press the left shoulder in this case down
so I have a lot of tension. The shoulder always wants to get up a bit
when you’re moving the weight on the other side –
work against that! And right after the other side.
Lift the legs, push the lumbar down, and pump it! Put the weight to aside take the ball and we’ll continue with Plank Throws. Tighten everything up, tension in the body,
and throw the ball back and forth. As you can see, I have way too much
left to right movement. I have to get more stable. That was that. Take the loop, and
we’ll do the second round of bridging. Lie on your back, push the feet down. And this round make sure
to really push your big toe joint into the ground. And don’t forget to keep the tension in the band
so press your knees to the outside. and now tighten the glutes really firmly. If you want to make it harder,
put your hands on the chest. If it’s too hard, put them next to you. And at the end
lift the feet one by one. ten repeats Here you can also use your arms
to make it harder or easier. Very important: your pelvis is always level,
not down on one side. Take the barbell again and we’ll continue with
Side Lifts. Barbell up and the hand goes down to the foot. Looking up to the barbell. And try to feel your lateral abdominals When you move down, it’ll get stretched,
when you come up it has to tighten. other side let’s go look to the barbell, hand goes to the foot nine .. and last ten .. done. Last exercise: lie on your stomach. casually added a little push-up .. lift the upper body press the shoulder blades together and the legs go up as well
glutes are tight the higher you lift the legs
the more tension you’re building. Then take the ball
and move the arms pass the ball over the buttock and in front of your head and also change the direction If the legs sink down
lift them up again. so you have the maximum tension. Look at the mat so your neck is straight and long. Done Mini break .. before round number three! Ball to the front, take the barbell. I’m cheating to get some extra break. Lie on the back, straighten the legs. Lift one arm and
come up from the core. The first rep was already a bit harder. Focus on straightening the legs
heels don’t get lifted. You’re working from the core. Don’t try to use momentum. Keep the shoulder stable
and push up.
There’s a lot of muscles working in your body now. I’m showing first signs of struggles. other side It’s getting harder. Keep pushing .. it’s the last set. last one .. we’ll continue straight away Single Arm Bench Press Start on one side, lift both legs. Sometimes I have to think a bit
it’s always diagonal. Lift the arm up. Make sure to press the lumbar down,
press the shoulder down really hard. After 8 to 10 switch sides. Here you’re really tightening up the muscle chains,
the loops that work together in your body. Super good for running, also for swimming. ultimately, it’l help cycling as well. We’re done with that exercise, too Then take the ball .. and we’ll go into the plank. And I’ll try to throw the ball dang .. sorry. Shit happens. So we’ll continue without the ball. so you can see a variant in case you don’t have a ball. Just do a shoulder tip .. left and right. Same hear, tighten your body.
really tighten the glutes. And we’ll continue: Bridging with loop. last round here as well ..give it all! Put down the feet, think of everything: Tighten the loop,
press the glutes when you’re coming up. and press the big toe joint into the ground
and keep the tension the whole time. If you want it harder, put the hands on the chest,
just try so you can feel the difference. or you put them next to you. And after ten times one leg up. up .. lift it
without losing the tension. Pelvis stays level the band stays tightened. Don’t forget to breathe. And done! Put away the loop Next it’s Side Lifts take the weight Wide stan, make sure the feet are on one line.
Sometimes one is a bit farther in front. position straight. Hand goes down to the foot. View is up to the barbell. With that exercise you have mobility and strengthening in one.
I’m sure you have noticed. So you’ll also have some dynamic stretching in certain parts. Keep the shoulder stable. Keep the weight above the shoulder. Done! So we’re already coming to the final exercise. I don’t have a ball anymore so I’ll show a variant
you can do without a ball. So we’ll start with lifting. Legs as well, glutes tight. We go ten times up and down with the upper body. view to the mat, the neck is long you press the shoulder blades together. and now just move the arms forwards and backwards. as far to the front as possible and pull back. The legs stay up in the air, glutes are tight, the whole back is working Let’s do something for swimming: Move arms and legs alternating Count to ten and done! To relax afterwards and let go, that’s really nice! Very good! You’ve fought through it, I hope you’ve enjoyed it,
thank you and see you for the next workout!

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  2. Echt ein mega Workout😊 Habe es gleich ausprobiert, als ich die Meldung bekommen habe- die Hausaufgaben mussten sich erstmal hinten anstellen🙈 Habe die Hantel einfach durch eine volle Wasserflasche ersetzt, hat auch gut funktioniert. Würde mich freuen, wenn noch mehr solcher Videos kommen😃

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  5. Hat Spaß gemacht!
    (mit Flasche statt Hantel und Taschentuchpackung statt Ball) 😄
    Wie verbringst du denn sonst deine Zeit momentan? Bist du eine Leserin?

  6. hätte jetzt dieses "Fitness-Youtuber" Bild auch nicht gebraucht, gibt aber definitiv Schlimmeres. Ansonsten top Video-Qalität, Workout schaut auch richtig gut aus, wird definitiv diese Woche ausprobiert, v.a. weil es nicht nur die Standard Stabi Sachen, aber dennoch einfach umzusetzende Übungen enthält! Ist für uns ja auch alles kostenlos, daher danke für die tollen Einblicke und Tips!!!

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    danke für das tolle core workout. War ein echter burner. Jetzt hab ich auf jeden Fall einen roten Kopf 😛
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    Liebe Grüße

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